Conditions of Hire

The Centre is a building held by Trustees on behalf of the local residents and run by volunteers as a meeting place for local organisations. Whilst charges have to be made for its use, it is a NON-PROFIT making undertaking and registered as a charity. In order to keep it running on an economical basis, hirers are requested to observe the following conditions of use.


  • Take every precaution to prevent a fire.
  • Acquaint yourself with the locations of the fire fighting equipment.


  • Keep all emergency exits clear of obstructions.
  • Emergency exit lights must be illuminated at all times during the hours of darkness. 


  • These are pre-set and thermostatically controlled. DO NOT ADJUST THE CONTROLS.
  • Auxiliary heating appliances may be used ONLY with prior application to the booking secretary.


  •  Please ensure the water heater in the kitchen is switched off prior to leaving the Centre. 
  •  Please ensure that all lights are turned OFF before leaving the Centre.

5.     LICENSES:

  • Hirers must obtain (and display when required) their own licenses for the sale of alcohol, performing rights, or any other license required by law.


  • Please enjoy the Centre whilst having consideration for other users, and especially the neighbouring residents.
  • Keep music to a reasonable level and please be quiet when you leave.


  • The Northcourt Centre reserves the right to make charges against the hirers for any damage, theft, breakages etc, arising from neglect or improper use of the property, fixtures, fittings, or items belonging to the Centre.
  • Please take care not to damage the wooden flooring with chairs and tables.


  • The hirer will be responsible for ensuring that all windows and doors are secured at the conclusion of the hiring, and that the main entrance to the building within which the premises is situated remains locked unless personally attended. 


  • Please use the kitchen, toilets, and other facilities for their proper purposes and leave them as clean and tidy as you found them.
  • Northcourt Centre cannot be held responsible for the hygiene or other requirements of the Public Health Acts in respect of or relating to catering by hirers or by Private Caterers employed by them.
  • All food and other waste MUST be taken away by the HIRER.  We have no means of disposal.

10.  KEYS:

  • Where any part of the hiring takes place outside normal opening hours, the hirer is responsible for the collection and prompt return of the keys. 


  •  7 am   -  12 Midnight

Data Protection



Data Protection Policy


1. Introduction

In order to manage its affairs, the Northcourt Centre needs to gather, store and use certain forms of information about individuals. 


These include, trustees, committee members, employees, leaders of sections, principal hirers volunteers, contractors, volunteers, audiences and potential audiences, and other people the Northcourt Centre has a relationship with, or regularly needs to contact. (Hereafter referred to as Contacts) Northcourt Centre is committed to protecting individuals’ privacy and processing their personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This policy explains how the information we collect is used and kept securely, as well as the individual’s right to access information that is held concerning them under the Data Protection Legislation.


This policy explains how this data is collected, stored and used in order to meet the Northcourt Centre data protection standards and comply with the law.


2.This policy ensures that Northcourt Centre:

Protects the rights of its Northcourt Centre Contacts and complies with data protection law and follows good practice 

Protects the Northcourt Centre from the risks of a data breach.


Who and what does this policy apply to?

This applies to all those handling data for and on behalf of the Northcourt Centre, for example:

• Trustees

• Committee members

• Employees and volunteers

• Section leaders

• Contractors/Third-party suppliers


 It applies to all data that the Northcourt Centre holds relating to individuals, including:

• Names

• Email addresses • Postal addresses • Phone numbers

• Any other personal information held (e.g. bank & financial)


Therefore, everyone who has access to data as part of the Northcourt Centre has a responsibility to ensure that they adhere to this policy. 


3. The Data Controller

For the purposes of this legislation, the Management Committee of the Northcourt Centre is the Data Controller and is responsible for why data is collected and how it will be used. Any questions relating to the collection or use of data should be directed to the Data Controller via the Secretary. 


4. The information we collect about you

The Northcourt Centre will only collect data where it is lawful and where it is necessary for the legitimate purposes of the Northcourt Centre. We will collect the following data:


·      A name, email address, telephone number and any other information that individuals voluntarily provide to us when participating or in correspondence during the period of their association with Northcourt Centre.

·      The name and contact details of all volunteers, committee members, employees and contractors when they take up a position within the Northcourt Centre.  Such data will be used to contact them regarding Northcourt Centre administration related to their role.

·      The IP address (which is a unique identifier that computers and devices use to identify and communicate with each other) which is automatically recognised by the web server when visiting visit the Northcourt Centre website. ( 

·      We do not obtain personal data from other outside sources or third parties.



5. How we keep the information we collect

Any personal data that is in paper format will be kept securely .


Electronic data will be stored on a password-protected personal computer with anti-virus software that is backed up regularly. If you provide us with details of your bank account, these will be kept separate from your other personal data.


We will maintain the accuracy of your personal data whenever you inform us of changes that occur during the course of your membership.


 6. How we use the data we collect

We will use your personal information for a number of purposes in connection with the running of the Northcourt Centre, including:

·      To deal with your requests and enquiries;

·      To contact you by telephone or email for reasons relating to use of the hall;

·      To notify you about Northcourt Centre functions;

·      To notify you of matters relating to the management of the Northcourt Centre activities including the Annual, Special and any Extraordinary General Meetings, matters relating to the Hall draw ;

·      To notify you of any changes to the Northcourt Centre Constitution;

·      We will never use data for any purpose other than that stated or, which can be considered to be reasonably related to it. Furthermore, we will ensure the data that is collected is relevant and not excessive.

·      We will never pass on personal data to third parties without the explicit consent of the subject.


7. How long do we retain data

We will keep data on individuals for no longer than 12 months after the Northcourt Centre involvement with the individual has ceased, unless there is a legal requirement to keep such records.


8. How you can find out what data we hold about you 

The following requests can be made in writing to the Data Controller via Northcourt Centre Secretary:

·      All contributors to Northcourt Centre can request to see any data stored about them. Any such request will be actioned within 14 days of the request being made. 

·      All contributors to Northcourt Centre can request that any inaccurate data held on them is updated. Any such request will be actioned within 14 days of the request being made. 

·      Members and supporters can object to any storage or use of their data that might cause them substantial distress of damage or any automated decisions made based on their data. Any such objection will be considered by the Trustees and a decision communicated within 30 days of the request being made.


9. Amendments to the Privacy Policy  

The Northcourt Centre Committee regularly reviews this Privacy Policy and any changes will be approved at a General Meeting. This Privacy Policy was first prepared in June 2018.


10. Complaints

If you have a complaint regarding Northcourt Centre use of your personal data then contact the Secretary at in writing in the first instance. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction you can make a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (0303 123 1113).